Barlo Plastics GmbH

Barlo Plastics GmbH

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Bent glass, Car Glasses and Mirrors, Windshield Wipers, Containers, Art glass, Glass & Crystal Vases, Glass Dinnerware, Glass, Plexiglass

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Barlo Plastics GmbH




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Barlo Plastics GmbH
Gaßnerallee 40
551 20


Habitable container

Habitable container 3x stackable. Sizes 10´,20´,30´or up to10.000 x 3.000 mm. Clearance height of 2,5 m up to 3 m. Habitable container, walls made of composited panel, corrugated iron, varnished, zinc-coated sheet metal facade, heat insulated, laminated chipboard, electrical installation.

Tipping containers

The tipping containers for building industry are supplied with a chain and a hook or with a folding arm. The volume ranges between 350 - 1500 litres. The tipping containers have surface finish usually tested with heat zinc coating.

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